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Smith Executive Education Certificate



$100 to apply, plus fee for each program
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The Smith College Executive Education Certificate provides opportunities to help you expand your business management and leadership skills—and your career potential. Choose programs that fit your schedule and address your professional development goals. 

Certificate Program Requirements:

  • 6 online programs
  • 1 networking component
  • 1 personal project component

Certificate Program Benefits:

  • Fresh, business-relevant content taught by award-winning business school faculty, practitioners, and thought leaders
  • Practical, actionable learnings that can immediately be applied to your projects and initiatives as a leader
  • Flexible, self-paced online program format
  • Post-program engagement including networking circles with other professionals and Smith Exec Ed Alumni
Experience level
All levels
Program Contact

Courtney Mish,

  • Who Should Enroll

    • Middle-to-senior level leaders who want to drive results
    • Emerging and aspiring leaders who are leading new or growing teams
    • Project managers and team leads who need to make an impact cross-functionally
    • Professionals who want to empower women leaders and network with other professionals facing similar business goals and challenges
  • About the Qualifying Programs

    Self-Directed Online Programs

    These self-directed offerings provide access, at your convenience, to important business concepts for motivated women professionals. As a Certificate participant you will have access to program content for 1 year. Each program provides: 

    • Four modules of self-paced content 
    • Eight hours of content including instructor and expert videos, exercises and assignments, learning resources, and reflections
    • Access to content and ideas of world-class thought leaders 
    • Rich online discussions and networking opportunities 

    Group discounts and course bundles are available. For more information about online learning opportunities please contact Courtney Mish.

    Learn more about upcoming Self-Directed Online Programs


    Live Online Programs

    Smith Executive Education’s live online programs offer resourceful women opportunities to develop cutting-edge leadership skills in a short period of time. Our engaging, interactive learning experiences provide you with the tools you need to be a more effective manager, leader and team member. Each course provides:

    • Eight hours of content over three days (daily two-hour live sessions plus two hours of self-paced learning)
    • Access to world-class thought leaders who guide discussions, case studies, and exercises in an engaging blended-learning environment
    • Powerful networking opportunities during and after each course
    • Resources to apply what you’ve learned to your specific role and career goals

    Group discounts and course bundles are available. For more information about online learning opportunities please contact Meredith Courtney.

    Learn more about upcoming Live Online Programs

  • About the Networking Component

    Having women professionals with whom you can discuss business and personal challenges can help us grow. As part of the Smith College Executive Education Certificate, you will need to connect with three women and add them to your network. Each of our courses and programs provide opportunities for meeting other women. 

    To meet the networking requirements, you will need to meet with each of your new connections at least two times. Our online platform includes discussion forums, personal profile pages and messaging. You can view someone's profile and easily see their discussion posts. Your new connections can come from any of your courses or programs. 

    We recommend reaching out to others to set a time to connect. Discuss a takeaway you plan to use in the next month and then set a time to connect again to support each other in reaching your goal. 

  • About the Personal Project

    Women professionals can put others' needs ahead of their own. Personal projects involve a goal for improving your wellbeing. We will work with you to help you set your personal project goal.

    Example projects include:

    • Updating your calendar to allow for more strategic thinking time
    • Saying "no" more often
    • Health and personal wellbeing changes
    • Value-based decision making

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