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About Smith Executive Education


Smith Executive Education: the Pioneer In Women’s Leadership Development

In 1980, long before other leadership programs were available to women, Smith College’s first woman president, Jill Ker Conway, founded what is now Smith College Executive Education with the mission of bringing unparalleled women’s leadership programs to women throughout the world.

Since then, Smith Executive Education has continuously grown its educational offerings, helping many women attain the highest positions available in Fortune 500 companies and beyond. 

Smith Executive Education remains unequaled in breadth and depth of educational opportunities for professional women. We are the only institution to offer in-depth open-enrollment and custom executive development programs for women at all stages of career, including emerging managers, mid-career executives and senior executive leaders.

Long-term partnerships with many Fortune 500 companies help us to keep our curriculum at the cutting edge of real-world business challenges. And our world-class faculty bring extensive business leadership experience and a strong academic foundation to each program.

The result is a uniquely expert approach to women’s leadership that provides key strategies for building professional, organizational and personal leadership skills. 

Program participants engage in interactive learning activities and small group exercises to work through real-life scenarios, and are bolstered by expert lectures on a variety of leadership topics.

Custom and open enrollment programs are available on campus, online and at client locations.

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