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Why Women-Only?

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Exclusively focused on women's needs and preferences

The economic and business case for gender equality in the workplace is overwhelming. In 2016, McKinsey’s Women Matter research found that companies that do best in gender diversity are 15 percent more likely to have financial returns above the average in their industry.  

Yet women remain underrepresented at the top of companies around the world, in business, nonprofits and in politics. In the nonprofit sector, for example, McKinsey estimates that women hold only 21 percent of leadership roles despite making up 75 percent of that workforce.

Studies show that women-only learning experiences maximize leadership learning potential by leveraging content critical to the needs of successful women executives and creating a space where shared challenges can be easily explored.

Through the development of skills, confidence, and professional networks we empower women executives to expand their leadership capacity throughout their lives.

At Smith College Executive Education, it is our mission and our passion to make sure more women are prepared for top leadership positions.  After attending a Smith program, women women return to work with a stronger sense of themselves as leaders and more confident about the value they bring to the enterprise.