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Leadership Communication Skills

Live Online Program

Feb 27-Mar 1, 2023


$1,200 USD; Group rates available
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Strong communication skills are critical for driving strategic initiatives. In this program, leaders will learn strategies for communicating successfully with important stakeholders. Explore fundamental elements of communication, practice frameworks for developing powerful messaging in every type of presentation, and learn how to make an impact through your authentic personal leadership style.


Program Experience:

Time to complete: 8 hours
Live sessions: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm ET with optional reflection sessions from 12:00-12:30 pm ET each day
Content includes: Live online sessions, prework, and learning resources
This program is for leaders emerging to mid-level leaders.

  • Day 1: Effective Leadership Communication
  • Day 2: Powerful Presentation Skills
  • Day 3: Personal Presence and Impact

Rate: $1,200 USD per person. Bundle rates available for groups. Contact Meredith Courtney to learn more. 


Participant Feedback:

“The speakers/presenters were some of the best I have ever had, especially given that it was a fully virtual course. Very engaging.” - LCS Participant, 2020

“Although I consider myself an effective communicator, there are still a ton of ways I can improve, even if it is something as small as having a formula for how I introduce myself or kick-off a meeting. I also learned that perspective matters - to whom I am presenting, the message I am trying to convey, etc.  I am a big fan of consistency and continuity, but many situations require adapting the way we communicate.” - LCS Participant, 2021

“I really appreciated that it was more interactive than just being lectured. I loved getting to know the other participants in the breakout sessions.” - LCS Participant, 2021

Experience level
Emerging to mid-level leaders
Program Contact

Meredith Courtney,

  • Session Descriptions

    Day 1: Effective Leadership Communication 

    Effective communication is fundamental to effective leadership. Our most impactful leaders communicate in ways that others can hear it and hear what others say in order to cultivate mutual understanding. With attention and practice, that impact is accessible to all of us.  Together we will explore key elements of effective communication and integrate frameworks to build these capacities. In this interactive session, you will come away with the concepts and practices to help you:


    • Identify and close communication gaps
    • Use “clean” talk to express and understand important messages
    • Promote productive conversations by using methods to better explain our own thinking and get others to explain their perspectives


    Day 2: Powerful Presentations

    Our work lives are filled with presentations.  From meetings with senior leaders to quarterly financial recaps, pitch decks, team updates, project proposals and debriefs, training webinars, and customer presentations, we often find ourselves contributing to and/or delivering presentations. Being able to convey your key messages in a way that resonates with your audience is a critical business competency, but choosing what to share and how is often challenging (and time-intensive)! In this interactive session, we will provide actionable advice and opportunities to practice key skills for more powerful presentations, including:


    • Organizing your message – storylining and storytelling
    • Using charts and visuals to make your message “pop” and other best practices
    • Adapting your presentation approach to fit the audience, meeting format, and meeting objectives


    Day 3: Personal Presence and Impact

    How do you establish instant credibility and connect easily with others? This interactive session focuses on the principles of your presence, helping you further define your leadership style while capitalizing on your uniqueness. You will practice elements of presence in role plays. Learn how to:


    • Leverage your authentic leadership style to establish a differentiated personal brand
    • Use tools like visual cues and your voice to build trust
    • Develop a set of personal goals and tools for establishing a strong presence

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