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Emerging Leader Program

Live Online Training



$1,600 USD
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New and emerging leaders must quickly learn and apply skills to manage their teams and build influence across their organization. The Emerging Leader Program offers participants essential frameworks for managing others, developing a strategic mindset, and communicating with impact.

Participants will engage in interactive sessions and learn how to:

  • Develop a leadership mindset 
  • Measure performance and deliver feedback
  • Lead high-impact meetings
  • Present to and influence senior leaders and decision makers

Live sessions: October 11-14, 2022
Time to complete: 10 hours
The program includes: Prework, breakout discussions, and actionable frameworks 

Live Online Program Experience

Our live online programs are engaging, interactive learning experiences. During live sessions, participants connect with peers and build their networks of women leaders. Participants are provided with resources to help apply the learning objectives to their specific roles and real-world business challenges.

Experience level
New managers; emerging leaders moving from individual contributors to manager roles; managers who have not yet had training or development and want tools to succeed

Recently started leading teams or taking on larger responsibilities, or are in the pipeline to move to a management role.

Program Contact

Meredith Courtney  |  email:  

  • Session Descriptions

    Performance Management Skills
    Managers learn to deliver on organizational goals by setting and reinforcing clear expectations. In this session, you learn and practice frameworks for providing constructive feedback, accountability, and recognition as tools to address and reward performance in a consistent and fair manner, to support employee growth, engagement, and productivity. You’ll discuss best practices and practical tools for:

    • Defining and measuring performance
    • Setting and maintaining clear expectations
    • Providing constructive feedback and coaching
    • Launching and letting go


    Leading High Impact Meetings
    This session focuses on how to design a meeting that facilitates engagement and accelerates problem-solving and decision-making. You will learn and practice two techniques for opening meetings: the interactive start and the fast start. Facilitation tools and techniques for steering conversation and handling dissenting viewpoints will be covered. You walk away with tools for:

    • Designing effective and efficient meetings that result in productive conversations
    • Handling disruptions and conflict to keep discussions on track
    • Using techniques to start and close each meeting to keep the end goal in mind


    Presenting to Decision Makers
    As you rise up in your organization, your role often requires presenting information and winning buy-in from senior leaders and decision makers. Whether your goal is to advocate for your team, ask for additional resources, or sell an idea, you need to show up as a credible, valued partner. This session will prepare you to communicate effectively, build trust, and influence decisions. You’ll learn practical tools for preparing for any high stakes presentation by analyzing your audience’s perspective and engaging in quality dialogue.

    You should come to this session with a specific presentation in mind.  Our recommendation is to pick a situation with some degree of difficulty.  Over the course of the session, you will:

    • Understand how to analyze audiences and tailor your approach
    • Learn a simple, powerful tool for creating an informal, audience-focused presentation in ten minutes or less
    • Discover your preferred communication style versus others to ensure we communicate in a way that lands with our audience.

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