Women’s leadership is constantly evolving as organizations face new, and not-so-new, challenges and needs. Read our research on women’s leadership, as well as a collection of some of the top research on both women’s and general leadership topics.

Our Research

Research from Other Institutions

Time for a new gender-equality playbook
McKinsey&Company, McKinsey Quarterly, February 2017

Core Competencies Remain Critical to Success
Workforce Magazine, Bill Pasmore and Sylvester Taylor, January 19, 2017

The Time-Consuming Activities That Stall Woman’s Careers
Harvard Business Review, Rebecca Shambaugh, March 7, 2016

Companies Drain Women’s Ambition After Only 2 Years
Harvard Business Review, Orit Gadiesh and Julie Coffman, May 18, 2015 

Professional women lose confidence, ambition as they reach mid-career, new Brain & Company study finds
Bain & Company, September 15, 2014

Everyday Moments of Truth: Frontline Managers Are Key to Women’s Career Aspirations
Bain & Company, Julie Coffman and Bill Neuenfeldt, June 17, 2014