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Senior Executive Program

Online Senior Executive Training

July 19 to 22, 2021


$5000, Early-bird rate $4,850 (until April 19, 2021)
Women working together

Success as a senior executive requires the ability to influence, drive results, and work across boundaries. The Senior Executive training program provides senior executive women the specific leadership training that helps them thrive in today’s increasingly complex global work environments. 

Key Takeaways

By the end of this course participants will be equipped to: 

  • Manage change and innovation for organizational performance and results

  • Work across “silos” to drive organizational goals

  • Improve perception and communication skills to inspire others and build trust

  • Expand strategic agility and decision-making skills in the face of uncertainty

  • Assess and strengthen organizational and team culture

  • Articulate purpose as the catalyst for extraordinary outcomes


Core Online Program Experience

Our core online programs are engaging, interactive learning experiences. Before, during, and after live learning sessions, you connect with peers and build your network of women leaders. You are provided with resources to help you set goals and apply the learning objectives to your specific role and real-world business challenges.

  • Content mirrors our traditional core in-person programs
  • 3.5 hours of live interactive online sessions over four days with peers and faculty
  • Course website hosts pre-work, session materials, and discussion boards
  • Continue to foster relationships to increase learnings through discussions online, with a dedicated Accountability Partner, and in monthly Learning Circles.

Ongoing Benefits

All participants receive access to post-program networking and learning opportunities.


Experience level
15+ years

Sets the business direction of the organization, and has experience managing P&Ls and cost centers, generating revenue, driving innovation and leading global cross-functional teams.

Program Contact

Meredith Courtney  |  email:  |  phone: +1-413-585-2586

  • Curriculum

    World-renowned faculty guide participants through a combination of lecture, case study and small group work on the following topics:

    Communication for Buy-In:
    Understand and practice techniques and strategies such as empathy, active listening and mental resilience to build trust and gain stakeholder buy-in at work and beyond.

    Strategic Decision Making: 
    Manage the tension between long- and short-term decision-making priorities and adapt to changing organizational needs.

    The Art of Perception:
    Improve observation, perception and communication skills by exploring the role of cultural competence and our abilities to incorporate multiple perspectives into professional decisions.

    Radical Candor: 
    Create a climate of trust and openness in your work environment so great ideas emerge and individuals can reach their full potential. 

  • Who Attends

    The Senior Executive Program is for top global business leaders who set the business direction of the organizations, and have experience managing P&Ls and cost centers, generating revenue, driving innovation and leading global cross-functional teams.

    Sample Participant Titles:

    • Senior Vice President

    • Vice President

    • Senior Director

    • Managing Director

    • General Manager

    A Network for Life:

    Women who attend the Senior Executive Program have access to a network of other women leaders from around the world who can support them throughout their careers. 

  • Faculty

    Smith College Executive Education draws its world-class faculty from top institutions, businesses, and consultancies around the globe. These instructors bring real-world experience and academic leadership in their fields and offer highly dynamic classroom experiences that include group work, hands-on activities and dynamic lectures.

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