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Leading Through Uncertainty

Blended-Learning Online Course

July 14-16, 2020


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During times of uncertainty, leaders at all levels need to manage rapid change while demonstrating resilience and managing team morale. In this course, you’ll dive deeply into change leadership, learn how to overcome barriers for taking action and practice skills for interacting in high-stakes interactions.

Time to complete: 8 hours
Live sessions: 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. ET on July 14, 15 and 16
Access to content: June 30 to August 28, 2020
Content includes: Activities, community discussion and learning resources
This program is for leaders at all levels


Overcoming Barriers to Change

Change is an inherently uncertain process. Leaders who bring structure, support, and coherence to this process are invaluable. In this session, we will use the Immunity to Change (ITC) framework to learn an actionable model for growth and development – one that transforms lives, teams, and even organizations. ITC was designed to bring clarity to that personal and collective growth by:

  • Identifying areas that are due for a positive change
  • Setting actionable goals to achieve that change
  • Uncovering hidden, limiting assumptions
  • Applying this learning in an individual and team context

Fear as Fuel

Fear is an untapped resource and the foundational element of bravery. It is also one of the most compressing emotions, creating internal barriers that block us off from confidence, growth, and joy. In this session, we share compelling data on fear and bravery and guide you on how to use fear as fuel for action. Through guided exercises and interactions, you will:

  • Reflect on the personal fear and failure triggers that hold you back
  • Set concrete goals using a growth mindset framework
  • Learn how to build a sustainable internal system of fear management

Handling Difficult Situations

Given the current business climate, leaders have been thrust into an uncertain environment where they need to handle multiple difficult situations daily. This session prepares leaders for high-stakes interactions when they need to handle objections and resistance to their ideas.  Participants will learn and practice the top nine influencing skills along with ways to disagree with diplomacy, manage a room with dissenting viewpoints, and handle surprises.  Participants will:

  • Practice positive framing and assess individual triggers
  • Learn techniques for staying calm and controlled in difficult moments
  • Create an action plan for remaining resilient in difficult situations



Bundle of three Summer Online courses (this course, along with Emerging Leader Survival Skills or Strategic Leadership and Leadership Communication Skills): $3,000 

Group discounts are available. Contact Meredith Courtney to learn more.

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