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Leadership Development Certificate

Online Certificate



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Unlock your leadership potential with the Leadership Development Certificate. This comprehensive program is designed to equip you with the essential skills, knowledge, and strategies required to excel as a manager and leader. Whether you are a seasoned manager or looking to move into a supervisory role, this certificate provides both the basics and advanced strategies to help you succeed. 


The Leadership Development Certificate consists of three online programs:

  • Essentials for Managing Effectively (self-paced/asynchronous program: access Oct 1 - Apr 1)
  • Negotiation Essentials (self-paced/asynchronous program: access Oct 1 - Apr 1)
  • Leadership Communication Skills (live/synchronous program: February 13 - 15, 2024; sessions held 1:00-3:30 p.m. ET each day)


Program Content Highlights:

  • Management: Dive into the intricacies of effective management. Explore techniques for getting work done through others, closing the loop with feedback, and navigating difficult conversations. Acquire the skills needed to lead with confidence and steer your team towards success.
  • Negotiation: Negotiation is at the heart of impactful leadership. Gain insights into best practices for different types of negotiations, how and when to ask questions, and when to share information. You'll identify how your personal story  can affect your negotiation performance and select appropriate approaches to negotiate more effectively.
  • Personal Presence & Impact: Leaders with a strong personal presence command attention and inspire their teams. Uncover the secrets to cultivating an authentic and compelling leadership presence. Learn how to exude confidence, establish credibility, and connect on a deeper level with your team.
  • Powerful Presentations: Delivering captivating presentations is a crucial leadership skill. Hone your ability to craft and deliver powerful messages that resonate with your audience. From structuring content to using visuals effectively, this session will provide actionable advice and opportunities to practice key skills for more powerful presentations
  • Effective Communication: Effective leadership hinges on effective communication. Explore key elements of effective communication, identify and close communication gaps, and use "clean talk" to express and understand important messages. Develop the agility to adapt your communication approach to different situations and personalities.


Certificate Program Benefits:

  • Combination of live online and self-paced learning
  • Practical, actionable learnings that can immediately be applied to your projects and initiatives as a leader
  • Flexible, online program format
  • Engagement opportunities including quarterly networking circles with other professionals and Smith Exec Ed Alumni


Experience level
All levels
Program Contact
  • Who should enroll?

    Professionals at all levels are encouraged to enroll. This includes:

    • Emerging and aspiring leaders who are leading new or growing teams
    • Middle-to-senior level leaders who want to drive results
    • Project managers and team leads who need to make an impact cross-functionally
    • Professionals who want to empower women leaders and network with individuals facing similar business goals and challenges
  • How can I present this to my supervisor?

    To gain approval and support before enrolling in this professional development opportunity, you may need to write a letter or submit a form to your supervisor or employer.

    We’ve found that the following talking points can be effective for communicating the career benefits of our programs:

    • Relevant skills: Smith Executive Education programs cover current and relevant skills. These top-rated programs are led by world-class faculty and address relevant challenges that women leaders face.
    • Immediate value: This certificate program offers research-based knowledge and actionable insights from business school experts and management consultants. All of the tools, frameworks, and strategies I will gain can be immediately applied to our team’s key priorities and projects. I would also be able to present my learnings after completing the program. 
    • Ease of access: Smith College Executive Education programs offer high-value learning experiences that are more affordable and accessible than a degree program or for-credit course. These programs are designed to fit into the roles and responsibilities of working professionals.
    • Professional development: Participating in this program is an investment in my professional growth as a team member and leader. I will receive skills and practical knowledge to succeed both in my current role and in future opportunities as I advance within our organization.


    If you have further questions about presenting our programs for professional development approval, please email Joel Gould,


  • What if I've already taken a program?

    If you've already taken one or more of the three required programs and would like to apply them to the Leadership Development Certificate, please email us at


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