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Directing Innovation 2022

Mar 6 to 10, 2022


Early Bird Discount! $9,675 USD if you register by 12/6/22
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In partnership with the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), Directing Innovation provides participants the tools and strategies to help senior executives thrive as leaders in today’s increasingly complex STEM fields. 

Experience level
15+ Years
Program Contact

Meredith Courtney

  • The Program


    Directing Innovation transforms senior business leaders in science, technology, and engineering into global strategists and innovators who contribute more broadly to the success of their teams and organizations.


    For the Organization

    Directing Innovation drives powerful leadership development that transforms the women who attend, as well as their organizations. Your organization will benefit from:

    • New techniques to address real issues
    • Increased capacity to lead innovation
    • Career-sustaining connections and networks
    • Energized and inspired leadership

    For the Participant

    Women who attend Directing Innovation hone their abilities to:

    • Collaborate under complicated circumstances to support innovative solutions

    • Use persuasion, power and influence for career and company growth

    • Assess and deliver critical strategic decisions in the face of insufficient information

    • Conduct effective action-planning and execute for outcomes

    • Negotiate, build trust and win buy-in to drive optimal outcomes

    • Invest in personal health and well-being for sustainable career success

    Participants dive into the real challenges that they and their companies face. Working with world-class faculty and a cohort of true peers – other powerful women leaders in science, technology, and engineering – women reflect, analyze, and act on issues from self-leadership to strategic implementation and beyond. Smith’s all-women learning model delivers breakthrough insights leading to business-building innovations.

  • Curriculum


    A rigorous curriculum delivers the core competencies for C-Suite success, addressing the challenges faced by senior women leaders in science, technology, and engineering. Each session provides participants with the tools they need to succeed and thrive at higher levels in STEM organizations.

    Typical Curriculum Elements

    • Strategy and Innovation
      – How to leverage creativity for innovative processes and outcomes
    • Collaborative Decision-making
      – Principles of persuasion and thought leadership to explain strategies for changing minds
    • Influence Without Authority
      – The leadership dynamics that determine whether or not your great ideas for change initiatives take off
    • Leadership Narrative: Create and share a vision that inspires and catalyzes effective action
    • Well-being for Optimal Leadership
      – Maximize performance through lifestyle choices that enhance health and well-being
    •  Learn strategies for evaluating and implementing decisions in a VUCA environment

    Plus, post-program access to networking and learning opportunities

    Why a Women-Only Classroom?

    Smith’s signature all-women classroom model supports women’s natural collaborative and participatory learning style, creating an environment where women can take full advantage of their learning experience. Research shows that all-women learning environments inspire increased risk-taking and greater confidence both in and outside the classroom – especially for women working in male-dominated fields.

  • Who Attends

    Who Should Attend?

    Directing Innovation is for senior executives in STEM who have a significant impact on setting the business direction of their organizations. Participants have a proven track record of success and are poised to reach top leadership roles. Women who attend this program have experience managing cost centers, generating revenue, driving innovation, and leading global, cross-functional teams.

    Sample Participant Titles

    • Senior Vice President

    • Vice President

    • Senior Director

    • Managing Director

    • General Manage

    A Network for Life

    Women who attend a Smith program build a network of what we refer to as true peers; other high-potential women to support them as they lead their companies in the midst of a volatile global economy. Participants learn alongside other women leaders from both their own and other companies in different industries from around the world.

    Directing Innovation participants receive a one-year membership in the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and are encouraged to join the wider SWE network.

  • Faculty

    A World-Class Faculty

    Smith College Executive Education draws its world-class faculty from top institutions, businesses, and consultancies around the globe. The result is a team of educators dedicated to developing the whole leader, covering topics like strategy, innovation, confidence, negotiation, leadership behaviors, health and well-being for leaders, hands-on business simulations, and more.

  • Enrollment


    Proficiency in spoken and written English is required.


    Space is limited; reserve seats now.

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