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Creating More Inclusive Workplaces

Live Online Program



$1,200, Early Registration Rate $1,000
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Teams that value diversity and inclusion are able to increase collaboration and create a better workplace experience for all. In this program, you’ll learn how to cultivate an environment that encourages productive conversations around equity, collaborate while respecting individuality, address workplace issues including bias, and become an ally within your team and organization.

Key Benefits: 

  • Recognize critical issues that build or detract from equity in the workplace
  • Identify ways to implement new policies for building inclusive team environments
  • Discuss frameworks for developing inclusive accountability systems

Time to complete: 8 hours
Content includes: Activities, community discussion, and learning resources
This program is for leaders at all levels.


Day 1: Identity, Inclusion, and Equity for High Performing Teams

In this session, we will examine the impact of culture, identity, and intersectionality on group dynamics. Cultural competency, like other professional skills, requires an intentional and disciplined approach to viewing the world from different perspectives. We will cover a variety of diversity and inclusion topics including stereotype threat, microaggressions, implicit bias, and the allyship continuum.

Key Benefits:

  • Examine team environments that value equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Discuss cultural competency as an essential part of team building
  • Develop courage for productive conversations about identity, inclusion, and equity


Day 2: What’s a Fair Workplace, and How Do We Achieve It?

If your goal is to create a more inclusive environment for your team and organization, your role as a leader goes beyond simply creating new policies. To achieve an equitable workplace, it’s crucial to understand critical topics such as discrimination and systemic barriers. Leaders must also build systems and team norms that foster a culture of continuous improvement and open discussion. In this session, you’ll learn key concepts and strategies for involving team members in advancing equity in your workplace. 

Key Benefits:

  • Understand what equality, equity, and justice and look like in your workplace
  • Identify methods for successfully implementing new policies 
  • Develop a user guide to facilitate psychological safety within teams


Day 3: Effectuating Workplace Change

Racism and racial discrimination are roadblocks to creating a more inclusive workplace and society. Recognizing the roadblocks that prevent us from addressing these issues personally and professionally is a critical step to effectuating change. 

In this session, we will identify and deconstruct impediments to creating a more inclusive workplace. We will discuss the importance of leading by example to move from intent to positive impact in our personal and professional spheres of influence. Frameworks and best practices will be shared that can foster a more inclusive workplace and, over time, help dismantle racism and racial discrimination. 
Key Benefits

  • Identify impediments to fostering an inclusive work environment
  • Examine frameworks for developing inclusive accountability systems
  • Discuss best practices for putting inclusion into action



$1,200; early registration rate $1,000
Group discounts are available. Contact Meredith Courtney to learn more. 

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