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Anti-Anxiety Toolkit: Simple Tools to Manage Stress

Free One-Hour Webinar

Sept 30, 2021 from 1 to 2 p.m. ET


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Supporting mental health and helping employees increase their resiliency have become primary workplace issues as the pandemic continues. The constant change and lack of control have been negatively impacting work and life. While we understand our reactions to stress and anxiety are under our control, the ability to manage our reactions in the moment can be elusive.

In this interactive webinar, award-winning instructor and author Melissa Tiers will give you simple, easy-to-apply tools for handling adrenaline spikes in the moment. Using the latest research in neuroscience and mind/body medicine, she will help you be more resilient to our rapidly changing world by quickly calming your mind and body. This discussion will help you:

  • Recognize anxiety and stress as something you can manage in real-time.
  • Learn powerful and rapid ways to reduce excessive fear, worry and anxiety.
  • Understand how to rewire your brain to change habits and reactions.

About the Presenter

Melissa Tiers

Melissa Tiers is the founder of The Center For Integrative Hypnosis with a private hypnosis practice in New York City. She teaches classes in Integrative Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and mental health coaching. She is an instructor for The International Association of Counselors and Therapists and an adjunct faculty member of The New York Open Center and Tri-State College of Acupuncture.

Melissa is a three time recipient of the International Medical and Dental Association's prestigious Pen and Quill Award for her books. She has also been awarded the NGH's  2014 President's Award, for excellence in the field and the 2014 Speaker and Author of the year from the Zurich Hypnose Kongress. Melissa will be the 2021 keynote speaker for Hypnothoughts Live in August, known as the largest international hypnosis conference in the world.

"Melissa's training changed my life. Literally. Within 5 minutes of meeting Melissa she had led me to let go of a long standing issue. Before I trained with Melissa I was already an NLP Master Practitioner, but I was under the impression that hypnosis, NLP and other change work was essentially a series of unrelated exercises or patterns to put a client through. She opened my eyes (while closing them) to the integrative nature of all these disciplines.”


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