International Women’s Day 2018: #PressforProgress


It’s International Women’s Day and today we continue to #PressforProgress.

For 41 years, Smith College Executive Education has dedicated to advancing women in the workplaces around the world, working towards gender parity at top levels of leadership in organizations across the globe. Over four decades we have witnessed strides made in women’s rights, not because they were given, but because they were fought for, marched for, and protested for.

International Women’s Day has been observed since 1908, when nearly 15,000 women marched in New York City demanding better work conditions and for the right to vote. In recent years, we’ve seen the meaning of this day amplified as the #metoo, #timesup, and the Women’s March draw greater attention to women’s rights in cities around the world.

Pressing for Progress Globally

At Smith, we are committed to bringing together women from all around the world in learning environments, building life-long, global networks of high potential women leaders. Smith programs are typically comprised of 50% international participants, and in the last five years we have grown our programs portfolio to include internationally-based programs – allowing us to target regions with lower than average growth in women’s corporate leadership.

In 2014 we partnered with Fundação Dom Cabral (FDC), Brazil’s leading business school, to launch the FDC-Smith Women’s Global Leaders Program. Since then, we’ve watched as the importance of women’s leadership development has grown throughout the region. Independent research backs up this trend. In 2010, McKinsey & Company reported that 21% of respondents in Latin America said gender diversity was a top priority, and in 2013 that number rose to 37%, with 80% agreeing that their CEOs and top-management teams are very, if not fully, committed to taking action on this issue.

It’s International Women’s Day and NOW is the moment for women in Brazil and Latin America to lead!


Register for the FDC-Smith Women’s Global Leaders Program during the month of March and receive a 17% discount on program tuition.

FDC-Smith Women’s Global Leaders Program
September 23 – 28, 2018

According to Catalyst, in 2016, just 7.2% of board seats in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) were held by women. This is just a 3.2% increase from 2013, when Catalyst reported that just 4% of board seats in the region belonged to women. What more can be done to advance women in LAC faster?

The FDC-Smith Women’s Global Leaders Program combines Smith’s signature all-women learning environment with Fundação Dom Cabral’s (FDC) expertise in global executive development. Participants gain the skills to innovate, confidence to lead, and the network to sustain careers. Participants who attend the FDC-Smith Women’s Global Leaders Program return to their organizations ready to drive business growth, as well as the growth of their own career. They will inspire their colleagues, teams, and communities to meet current challenges and build the future.


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