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Missed the Webinar on Executive Negotiation Skills? No Problem


Whether at work or elsewhere, challenging conversations and negotiations are sometimes just inevitable. Wouldn't it be great to navigate those moments with the skills of a seasoned hostage negotiator? 

Former FBI Special Agent and hostage/crisis negotiator, Chip Massey, delivered a free one-hour webinar where he taught us how to guide others from hostility to willingness to collaborate. Watch this one-hour video and you'll be able to practice the techniques you learn right away, including how to:

  • Develop a rapport with others
  • Keep your emotions in check
  • Help others manage fear
  • De-escalate tense conversations

Watch the recording!


Chip Massey, former FBI Special Agent and hostage/crisis negotiator, is the CEO of Plowshare Communications, which advises business leaders on strategic negotiations and how to accelerate the sales process by building strong, powerful, and trust-based relationships.

Date and Time
Thursday, May 16, 2019, 2:00 - 3:00 pm