Breaking Our Gender Bias Habits

Unconscious biases, or judgments and behaviors toward other people or groups that we’re not aware of, result from the repeated exposure to stereotypical or prejudiced representations or experiences. And while the unconscious biases that we all have might not be obvious, the negative effects they can have on individuals, workplaces, and beyond are substantial. Gender bias and discrimination in the workplace has serious consequences; just listen to the news to understand its pervasive and negative impact on both people and business. Although research demonstrates that organizations with the most women leaders consistently outperform those with the least, gender bias persists.

The good news? There are steps we can all take to mitigate our unconscious biases and change bias-driven behaviors. Here are just a few:

  1. Stop the Blame Game. Recognize that we all have biases and stop blaming ourselves or others for having them.
  2. Understand the Impact. Learn to see how unconscious biases may unintentionally disadvantage women or other minority groups.
  3. Accept Responsibility. Take responsibility for learning how to change our behavior and manage our own unconscious biases.

Want more information?
 Learn ways you can take action and help to create more fair and inclusive workplaces by attending Breaking the Gender Bias Habit®, a research-based workshop proven to change bias-driven behaviors.

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